Become A Winner Claiming Thoroughbred Racehorses

Examining Different Levels of Competition at the Racetrack
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General Rules Of Claiming A Horse

The sights, sounds and experience of the backstretch each morning, the beauty and bond you make with your horse, the excitement of race day, the nervous energy in the paddock before your horse races and the proud feeling you get from seeing your horse, in your silks finishing first in any race is something anyone can experience and you will never forget.

The tabs in this section are designed to help inform and educate you, the Owner. Remember the old saying "Information leads to Knowledge and Knowledge is Power". The claiming price a horse runs for is at the discretion of the owner and trainer.

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To maintain as even of a playing field as possible, a risk-reward situation is created. Running a horse in a claiming race often provides class relief, which can lead to a reward wins, confidence-building , but the risk is that the horse is claimed.

WV Stables Webinar about the Horse Claiming Process

This essentially creates a checks and balances system as wagering on horse racing would not be viable if one horse was supremely dominant over every other horse in a race. Good trainers will place their horses at the appropriate levels knowing that this is a sport where success is always based on the ability to withstand a level of risk. Starter Allowances — These races are intermediate steps between claiming races and allowance races. A horse cannot be claimed out of a starter allowance, but in order to be eligible for this type of race, they must have run for a claiming price previously at or below a certain level based on the conditions of the starter allowance race.

Allowance Races — Horses who break their maiden and do not need to run in claiming races to be competitive will generally start off in allowance races. Many of these races also have certain conditions that must be met in order for a horse to be eligible. However, once a horses wins their first allowance race, they are no longer eligible for that condition.

Betting on Horse Racing For Dummies

Generally, this should give you an idea of the toughness of the race. Optional Claiming Races — Many allowance races these days are also written with optional claiming clauses. This allows for horses who have a lready won an allowance race and have possibly run out of conditions to come back and compete at the same level. Sometimes these races can be tricky because they can attract young, inexperienced horses who are trying to work their way up the ladder, and also older, salty veterans who have won a number of races and are in for the claiming tag.

Stakes Races — These are the races we all dream of. They are also the easiest to plan for since stakes schedules are published well in advance of the races.

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There are several levels of stakes races. There were Grade 1 races run in North America in The other level of graded stakes are Grade 2s and Grade 3s. These races often have some excellent horses but do not have the purse, prestige, history, or depth of top horses in their races. There were Grade 2 and Grade 3 races run in Learn how to find your winner today!

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Become A Winner Claiming Thoroughbred Racehorses

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The facilities available to trainers vary enormously. Free pickup Mon, Oct Select a horse to claim. Then, you will probably wait, poised, until almost the last instant — which is exactly 16 minutes before post time — to have your claim card time-stamped and placed in the official box. The meat and potato races in horse racing are called claiming races. Note: In the racing world, a horse name can be changed with relative ease until it is entered in its first race.

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How to Claim a Race Horse

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