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It was first published in Leipzig in , in the German language, followed by other editions: , , and Latin edition. Another Latin version was issued at Frankfurt in Sometime in the late eighteenth century Sigismund Bacstrom translated parts of the work into English.

In , part of the translation was published in the Theosophical Society journal Lucifer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Advanced Search.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Join Date Oct Posts Dear alchemist friends! After a few months of hard work and dedication, allied to the efforts of another great friend in the alchemical community, Moreh Derek, I present to you all the work ready.

The work has a Preface showing some details in the accomplishment of the project; then a brief Introduction that analyzes the historical and literary context of the work as well as why the treatise is unique and has relevance within the alchemical community. Finally, the book presents a concise investigation on the theory of authorship of Anton Joseph Kirchweger, both for the two previous treatises and for this one. The book presents documents, reports and unpublished evidence for the alchemical community, all with the purpose of analyzing the veracity of the described theory.

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Besides these main characteristics, the work also presents doctrines, theories and explanations to the alchemical symbols, some of which remained without explanation until the present day. If this work was read in connection with Cyliani, Recreations and Naturweg, many of the mysteries contained in these works can be clarified by reading the former.

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The reading of this work will revolutionize the way we read "Aurea Catena Homeri" and will reveal to us some facets about the works that we never imagined existed. My thanks to all the friends who supported this project.

I find myself at everyone's disposal for any information. Chapter 13 That nitre and salt is found in Animals that Animals proceed from nitre and salt and are resolved into nitre and salt.

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Chapter 14 That nitre and salt is found in Vegetables that Vegetables consist of nitre and salt and are resolved into nitre and salt. Chapter 15 That nitre and salt is found in Minerals that Minerals are formed of nitre and salt and are resolved into nitre and salt.

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Separation and Distillation. To generate Minerals. Chapter 16 Of the principal Gate Key to Nature the author of destruction and regeneration of all things called Putrefaction.