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Massacre [90] [91] [92] [93] [94] [95]. Massacre; mortally wounded and died the next day [96] [97] [98] [99] []. Samuel Harrison Smith one of Eight Witnesses. Attributed to internal injuries sustained while fleeing a mob on horseback on the day his brothers were murdered [] []. James Township , Beaver Island , Michigan.

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Shot and stabbed by Hector McLean, the ex-husband of one of Pratt's plural wives. Rafael Monroy branch president []. Execution by Liberation Army of the South. Ensenada, Baja California , Mexico. It was the moment Jesus ended his earthly ministry and returned to his home in heaven. Through the years, churches have remembered that day, for it was the last time we ever saw Jesus in the flesh. It is rather interesting, I think, that these two days of remembrance often fall in the same week. Sometimes they even fall on the same day.

On the one hand we remember those who are no longer here because they gave their lives for their country.

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On the other hand we remember Jesus, who gave his life for the sake of another country, a realm that he called the Kingdom of God. We who follow Jesus in this world are very much aware of both of these countries. As Americans we are thankful to be citizens of a country where freedom is valued as a cause worthy of martyrdom. But even more than that, we who are followers of Jesus are convinced that our main citizenship is in the Kingdom of God.

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Site Map. The revolt was fueled by a rejection of the teaching against polygamy. Rimvydas Paulikas. Province of Santiago [de Compostela? Concentrated attacks on the Franciscan missions in the eastern part of la Florida led to several martyrdoms in the latter part of the seventeenth and the first decade of the eighteenth century. He was involved in several special ministries during his years as a priest.

When Jesus ascended, it was a reminder that in the end, this world is not our home and our citizenship here is only temporary. So, it is important to remember when Jesus was taken up. I think the disciples needed a reminder that in the end this world was not their home. They continued to be concerned about the earthly nation of Israel and a rise to power in this world, but Jesus reminded them there is another country that is eternal and that they should be loyal to their heavenly nation.

Before Jesus ascended into heaven they got the two countries mixed up, as we still have a tendency to do sometimes. They always thought that the messiah would set up an earthly kingdom like the kingdom King David ruled, and they assumed that Jesus would be the person to rule. It is hard to believe that they still did not understand after all of the teaching Jesus had given them about the Kingdom of God.

They still thought the Kingdom of God was to be a country in this world; a sort of God ruled superpower. I think the ascension must have reminded them that the Kingdom of God was not of this world. It makes us remember there is a higher country that demands our loyalty. So, what is our higher duty to the Kingdom of God? Jesus says that instead of worrying about when and where God is going to act in the nations of this world, be witnesses for Jesus in the whole world.

Think about some of the people who have given their lives for a cause. Obviously, on a day like this we think of those in the military who died for the cause of freedom.

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It is a cause that is greater than self, and they died in order to keep the idea of freedom alive. A day like Memorial Day reminds us that there are things even in this world worth dying for. When a person gives his or her life so others can live in freedom it is not a wasted life.

It is all together fitting that we remember those who are fallen. The martyrdom of Deacon Stephen is recorded in chapter 7 and then in Chapter 12 we learn that James, the brother of John was martyred with the sword. There are legends about disciples like Peter and Matthew and others who were with Jesus who died for the cause of Christ. Stories of Christian martyrs could be told from every century since Jesus gave his own life, right up to this very day.

Even today people are dying for the cause. There were 67 laypersons of whom 59 are Native Americans , eleven Franciscans, three Dominicans, and one Jesuit. Antonio Cuipa was a leader among the Apalachee people, a carpenter and a catechist for the Franciscan friars. James Moore. While not a missionary, Antonio is significant because he and his fellow converts are the fruit of a year effort to preach the Gospel to the natives in this part of the New World.

A second generation Catholic, Antonio was responsible for the upkeep of the common buildings of San Luis de Talimali, the largest and most important of the Apalachee Spanish Missions. Having accompanied the Franciscans on visits to non-Christian villages, he began to imitate and adapt their practices of evangelism.

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Bringing maize cakes mixed with honey and reed pipes as gifts, he would then proclaim the faith in the very language of those he encountered. An English governor in the Carolinas recruited a large number of Creek Indians and began a series of raids into La Florida , wiping out Catholic communities throughout what today is northern Florida.

On January 25th, , Antonio participated in an attempt to defend the Catholic Mission of La Concepcion de Ayubale from a force of Carolina Colony soldiers and Creek warriors seeking to collect slaves and eradicate the faith from the land.

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