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Spikes helped but snowshoes r a necessity. Spitting rain and low visibility. Fairly quiet trail with great views of Hood. All snow covered but was easy with spikes. The top half is exposed so wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Straight shot, no switchbacks. Great views of Helens, Rainier, Adams and Hood on a clear day.

Bring your split board or skis!

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Definitely a moderate difficulty trail but the views are well worth the hike. Obviously easier with snow shoes during this season but my husband and I hiked it without and we survived! Always a great workout and a favorite.

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Great lightly trafficked trail. We went further to Cloudcap Inn possibly 4 mi. There are a couple of streams on the way for the doggies. Hiking poles are very useful as you keep on climbing. Bring plenty of water and a cap as the fire has taken out the trees and little shade. Took this trail up to the treeline for some great views of Mt. Hard but not too grueling hike. Only saw two other people on the trail in the morning though it was a weekday.

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Such an amazing hike! It's a fun place to sit and take a break, have a snack before you start another push up to the summit if that is your intention. I wouldn't take kids under 8 on this unless they are conditioned for hiking and bursts of significant elevation gain. Once we reached the cabins we took timberline up to the rock cabin before pushing up towards the summit. Worth the trip!

Tilly Lake's Road Trip

Late spring is the time to do it! Once we got to the barren trees the view was stunning and we had a breeze to cool us off from the warmer covered area.

Once we got to the cabins, even though they were a little creepy, we were pretty interested in renting one out. Was a nice trail but pretty difficult. Still enjoyed it! Tough hike up but very pretty with the wild flowers. It seems as though the miles are estimated in a straight line distance so I think to the amphitheater and cabin it is about 4 miles up and then another 4 back.

We used this as an approach to the Cooper Spur hike since the road to Cloud Cap is closed. First half mile has a couple of soupy spots. May 31, Dawn rated it it was amazing.

This is a fun, entertaining read! Tilly Lake experiences a whirlwind life change in such a short amount of time and it's instantly impossible to not love her. She epitomizes women of her generation whom have placed themselves second throughout an entire marriage in order to prioritize the role of "wife. And, my, how she moves on! If "conservative" is a term you relate to yourself, Tilly will undoubtedly shock you.

If you have more of an open This is a fun, entertaining read! If you have more of an open mind, you will recognize Tilly's adventures as her later-in-life attempt to know herself and allow herself to experience friendships and life without any reservations. Jul 12, Off Market rated it liked it. First let me say, the writing is superb and I thought the plot was incredibly original and intriguing.

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So many areas of the book had me laughing out loud and saying, "What the? All in all, this was a fun and fresh story that I enjoyed very much. Why only three stars, you ask? Allow me to explain.

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Where the story grabbed me was with the characters. I love them. They are so fresh and unex First let me say, the writing is superb and I thought the plot was incredibly original and intriguing. They are so fresh and unexpected. The humor was very good and the writing was amazing. Also, the plot was unlike anything I have ever read - the overall plot that is. I love the idea of turning the worst time in your life, into the best time of your life, in such an unexpected way. Tilly's naivety was also quite endearing for most of the story.

It made it seem like it was more of some old man's fantasy than a novel that's supposed to be heartfelt and funny. I was also quite irritated and bored with the constant repetitiveness. I was at the point where I wanted to skip over the phone calls between Tilly and Anka because it was the same conversation over and over and over and over - literally. It was always Anka asking Tilly if she was going to sleep with Johnny, and that it would make her happy if she did - all in broken English.

It was funny the first few times but after that, it became annoying as it seemed to happen at least two or three times a chapter. The other major repeat offender was Johnny telling Tilly she was a bad woman and Tilly telling Johnny that he was a bad man and demanding kisses from each other. I mean Jesus - if you want to kiss, just kiss.

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It was charming at first because they were working through the awkwardness of wanting to do it, but after a while, it seemed like they were saying it every few pages through the entire book. It definitely lost that charm.

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Tilly Lake's Road Trip - Kindle edition by Francis Potts. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks . Tilly Lake's Road Trip book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. As a child, Tilly dreamt that Prince Charming would drive her.

Another point that I found irritating was that I was forced to read the entire play-by-play of a foreign film that they were watching in the story. Was that truly necessary? It went on and on to the point where I finally just started skimming through it until I could get past that part. There was no reason to do it, it had no relevance later. A quick synopsis would have been just fine. While these things took away some of the enjoyment of the story for me, it's definitely worth the read.

I don't want deter anyone from reading this book, I truly liked it and am happy that I read it. I just didn't love it - though I could with some minor editing. The characters are so enjoyable and fun, they make me want to run out and find a Welshman, a Russian and some English women to pal around with - sans lesbian fantasy picture-taking sessions and make-out fests.

Potts should truly feel proud of this accomplishment. It was a pleasure. Aug 20, Bodicia rated it really liked it. There is something very endearing about this book. It's not exactly true to life, the people in it are far too open and kind to each other, but in this case I don't think that matters.

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If the season permits, you may end up as lucky as us crossing snow covered sections of the path. However, if this trail is ticking all your boxes, keep going- your almost there! Soon the path will meet a stream, follow it round, hop over some river crossings and be greeted by the sight of Lower Monarch Lake. Technically the maintained trail ends here, although I highly recommend making your way up the hillside towards Upper Monarch Lake for those glorious alpine views.

The night before we stayed outside Sequoia National Park at Horse Creek Campground , merely because we had been on the road for weeks and were in need of a long nap. Horse Creek Campground was beautifully basic and whilst staying there we shared the lakeside views with only one other family. The afternoon we completed Monarch Lake Hike we stayed at Cold Springs Campground , which was even more beautifully basic than the night before if possible!

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Challenging at times, the views along the trail will definitely make up for however out-of-breath you are by the time you reach Monarch Lakes. And with no one in sight at the top, why not jump in for an icy, alpine cool off?! Have you ever visited Monarch Lakes? If you have your own tips to share, please leave these in the comments below. Looks a stunning place!