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Follow the Scent
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watch Increase the distance you hide from him and the complexity of the hiding spots; do not let the dog see where you are hiding. Let the dog search and use his sense of smell to guide him. When your dog finds you, reward him with play and attention, ignore your dog when he's off track. Do not punish or interfere with him. Switch up the target. Start substituting yourself for another person, or create a scent trail by dragging a scented object and then hiding it.

Reward your dog for finding the new target while you are the handler.

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Recommend training method? Keep your dog in a crate or held by an assistant. Allow the dog to watch you lay down a scent and food trail. Use a sock or a glove, or an item that has some scent, to follow. Drag the item to create a scent trail and hide the item a short distance away with a simple straight trail. Along the scent trail, place small bits of food leading to the item. He is following the food, but also getting a nose full of the scent trail. When your dog gets to the item, give him lots of praise and play with a toy or provide a high value treat. Gradually use less food so the dog has to follow the scent trail between the food items.

Allow your dog to locate the hidden item. Reward successful attempts and ignore unsuccessful tries. Do not allow the dog to see you lay the trail, and hide the item. Repeat, but remove food trail and allow your dog to find the item following the scent trail.

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Make your trail complex and use varying terrain and longer distances until your dog becomes proficient at following the scent trail alone with no visual cues or food. Lay down a scent trail, and hide a scented item. Mark trail with flags, similar to the ones used to mark utility lines. Also, intersperse food items to act as a reward for staying on course. Bring in your dog, with a harness, to the beginning of the scent trail, and hook on a long tracking line.

Provide him with an identically scented item for your dog to smell. These can be stored in a plastic bag to help retain sample scent. Let your dog get a good nose full.


In a case where a lost person walked down a sidewalk four days prior to a trailing dog starting to search, the trailing dog might very well work by dipping down into the driveways, up to front porches of homes rather than the spot where the person walked on the sidewalk four days before. Go ahead and leave your worn clothing out because it may work, and it shouldn't hurt anything. Deborah Cooke and Katie Albright both helped me greatly in getting my Archie back home! With record rainfall in the US this past month, April showers certainly brought May flowers along with a dazzling bouquet of scents. The Nation Thailand 6, When I first contacted Tracey, my cat, Chance had been missing for 4 weeks.

Command your dog to find it, let him move out on the line. As your dog follows the scent trail, he will be guided by the flags and rewarded periodically with food items.

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Synonyms for follow a scent at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for follow a scent. The band might evoke a gallery of role models, but its musical scent remains purely and distinctively Pavement.• Two police bloodhounds followed the boy's.

You will know he is on track if he is following the flags. When your dog finds the item, give him a reward, a high value treat, or play with a toy. Repeat, gradually remove flags and food items. Reward your dog for finding the matched scent, ignore false attempts. Make the trail more complex, vary scents, increase distance, make hiding more difficult, and introduce different conditions.

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Continue to reward with food and play for successful finds. Success Stories and Training Questions. Hot and dry conditions have a negative impact on scent survival. In these conditions, scent is more easily dispersed and destroyed. Direct sunlight will dry out and quickly destroy scent vapors. In addition to the physical toll that it can take on a trailing dog, heat can also cause scent to rise above the level of where the dog is working. The key to working a search dog in hot temperatures is to avoid it if you can. Wind can disperse scent great distances, minimizing a scent trail and making trailing difficult.

In a case where a lost person walked down a sidewalk four days prior to a trailing dog starting to search, the trailing dog might very well work by dipping down into the driveways, up to front porches of homes rather than the spot where the person walked on the sidewalk four days before. If there is grass directly next to the sidewalk, then the trailing dog might work on the grass. The chances of any scent remaining directly on the pavement of the sidewalk are slim after a four-day period. But the chance of scent surviving by clinging to the moisture provided on the grass and in the shady areas is very likely.

Scent needs moisture to survive which rain provides. Rain does not make scent mysteriously disappear. Rain will not destroy scent, but a heavy downpour on pavement can disperse it, making it difficult to follow a trail.

In those cases, the scent will cling in gutters and puddles instead of being dispersed along a consistent path like a sidewalk. The odor of decomposition has been known to change the composition of soil and can be detected by search dogs many years after the body decomposes down to skeletal remains. For obvious reasons, the longer you wait to have a search dog track a scent trail, the less likely that dog will be able to work the scent trail successfully.

The longer you wait, the more likely the lost dog will have moved or been transported a great distance. This is why Missing Animal Response Network is pushing for community-based lost pet services. Ultimately, we want to see the rapid response of MAR trailing dogs who can respond within hours or a few days to search for lost dogs in their own community. Keep in mind that a two-week-old scent trail laid in a residential area that is highly contaminated with other animal scents and dispersed with vehicular traffic is much more difficult to work than a two-week-old scent trail laid in the depths of a cool, damp forest thick with vegetation.

Scent has a better chance of surviving in shady, damp, and cool areas than it does in open ground or pavement where it is easily moved by wind currents, swirled around by passing cars, and ultimately dried out and destroyed by direct sunlight. Although no one knows exactly how many days a scent trail will be viable, we can make estimates based on prior successes of cases worked by police Bloodhounds and search-and-rescue trailing dogs who have made actual walk-up finds. The majority of successful scent trails where these dogs actually found the lost person or criminal were basically hours or a few days old.

His hounds led Wilson to the bodies of the missing hikers. At the other end of the spectrum, there are currently a few pet detectives who claim their search dogs can track a lost pet scent trail that is several five months old.

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There is even a pet detective who claims that a specific trailing dog can track a lost pet scent trail that is up to a year old! For decades trailing dogs handled by volunteers and law enforcement officers have only been capable of following scent trails that are less than two weeks old and yet suddenly, people charging a fee for their pet tracking services are miraculously able to train dogs who can track scent trails that are months old.

Visit our MAR Search K9 Training to learn more about how you can give your dog a job searching for missing or lost pets. Click Here To Register. She swung into action with useful advice and coaching.

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It was her advice to set up food stations that saved my dog, Xin. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude.

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The information was spot on about the cats behavior when lost outside their home. Our visiting family left our front door open long enough for our Gordy to escape. Balynda, who has now become a friend, is excellent at what she does. Both she and Bravo are wonderful. We are lucky!! Niko was lost at the beach on Long Island, NY..

VERY difficult area.. Deborah Cooke and Katie Albright both helped me greatly in getting my Archie back home! Just by speaking on the phone and following their advice resulted in my getting my cat back after 13 days of him being gone.

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I cant even begin to explain how amazing Bonnie Hale and her search dog Bodhi are!! Our cat Westie, new to outdoors and the area, went missing 12 days ago. Even with daily searches and lost cat posters, several hopeful but deadend sightings we couldnt find her. Gus went missing the afternoon of February 12th.

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After searching, posting posters, flyers and driving all over, we called Annalisa. When I first contacted Tracey, my cat, Chance had been missing for 4 weeks. We had just moved into a new townhouse and at am I let him outside to go to the bathroom. I met Tracey through a mutual friend on July 12th. Just wanted to say thank you for posting the information about lost cat behaviour on the web.

It was instrumental in finding my cat Duke who suddenly vanished into thin air or so it seemed last Tuesday.