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Asmara, Eritrea (ca. A.D. 1000- )
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However, some of the schools were established long before the proclamation was issued.

Abba Mussie, a Catholic clergy who pursues such matters closely, posed a question as to why this is happening now? He said the schools also clinics have been rendering crucial services to the communities; why disrupt their opertion in times of peace? Are there problems with the curriculum the schools are pursuing. It is to be remembered last June the government confiscated all health clinics run by the Catholic Church. During that time the congress of the Bishops of the Catholic Church of Eritrea issued a statement: "our mission is tied up with the lives of the communities we serve and our church has never worked against the government.

This kind of nationalisation is no different than the one perpetrated in during the Derg era where the government of the time appropriated schools such as Comboni College, La Salle, Saint Ann. The Catholic Church had requested the return of the schools that had been nationalised during the Derg rule. The government was heavily criticised after it misappropriated health centres that are owned by the Catholic Church. Your name is history.

The romantic rewriting of Haile Selassie’s legacy must stop

Your name is your humanity. The disappeared are history. Their names are both history and testimony. The names of the disappeared represent those values which are our common heritage.

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Their names are Our Names. Their names tell about a history that those who commit violence do not want to be remembered.

Eritrean women and higher education

By erasing their names, the dictatorship buries its many crimes-against-humanity. Call their Names. Bring their Memories Back. Eritrea is a country where a dictatorial regime strives to erase names.

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Bravo Kidanemariam. Ruphael 12 de June de am. I hope you keep on following up this issue you just have started until my people get back their right for a decent life. The rapper had two children and was in a relationship with actress and model Lauren London. Abel 11 de June de pm. Berhe Tewoldeberhan 11 de June de am. Otto Harrassowitz Verlag.

By making its opponents disappear it strives to erase their names from our memories and from the history of our nation. For 25 years we have witnessed a violent system of burying our history through silencing us from remembering those who disappeared. This violent system includes various methods of coercion: ghiffa mass round-ups , house-to-house search, restriction of movement, persecution of citizens because of their religious beliefs, arbitrary arrests, perpetual military conscriptions, condoning sexual violence, torture, arbitrary killings, secret executions, evictions, destruction of homes and seizure of properties.

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Of all the violent methods employed by the dictatorship, the most baneful is the enforced disappearance of persons. Disappearances are made possible because of secrecy, the same secrecy that characterized the leadership style of the secret party within the EPLF. Operating in secret entails several advantages. In the first place it disorients people, as no one understands where the orders come from and who really has issued a specific order. Secrecy hides the real numbers of the disappeared.

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Secrecy, however, aims mainly at creating fear. There is quite a difference in being arrested by persons in civilian clothes and not by policemen in uniform. When a person is arrested, all the procedures are carried out surreptitiously, at night time.

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The intention is always to instill fear, not only on the one being arrested but mainly on the family members and the community at large. Arrests are arbitrary and those few who are released after years of detention never are told why they were arrested. They remain in psychological limbo — never knowing when they may be re-incarcerated. Thousands, however, have literally disappeared during this quarter of a century. The system wants to ensure that you clearly understand, and understand it in such a way that you absolutely have no doubts about it, that your very life depends on its will.

You will suddenly disappear. You will disappear in the true and full meaning of the word. No one is going to see you anymore. All that will be left to your family will be your pictures, if any. No one will ever be able to hold your hands, to greet you. No one will ever be able to talk to you, not even the guards of the prison you will end into.

Even they will be compelled not to talk to you and they will just watch in absolute silence while you slowly die in absolute loneliness. Your children will forget your voice and you will be like a ghost. However, the system goes beyond this. What the system ultimately wants is to make even the memory of you disappear. That is why it strives so that no one talks about you anymore.

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It denies the discourse about you even to your own mother, simply by denying it knows you, stating that it knows nothing about you. The system wants to instill fear also in the very spirit of people who know you, so that no one ever dares even mentioning your name. In such a way it wants you to disappear from both private and public memory. That is why mothers or other relatives who enquire about someone who has been arrested are intimidated and hushed with violent methods.

What the system ultimately wants is to erase the memory of you, erase your name.

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Eritrea Remembered: Recollections & Photos by Peace Corps Volunteers [ Marian Haley Beil] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eighteen. Asmara (Asmera) is the largest city and capital of the modern state of Eritrea. It was also the capital of Eritrea when it was a colony under Italian rule. Asmara is.

That is the central, innermost part of such a depraved policy. It tells about where you are. It is place, it is country.