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With the voice of an angel, Mia Cooper catches the attention of the wrong man. Kidnapped and trained, she must learn to survive in this broken and messed up world. Part one of this stunning trilogy is available for free for the first time! What will happen when his unconventional ploy brings their fantasies together? Or will they somehow find the courage to follow their hearts? Can he break down the walls around his heart… or will he have to let her go….

Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Google Echo in Time Echo Trilogy Book 1 by Lindsey Fairleigh: Their love is destined to shatter the boundaries of time… The past clashes with the present in this paranormal saga of ancient prophecies and warring gods. Another tossed back in time like a Victorian freaky-Friday is chased by a man who wants her dead—or worse… Two stories—one beautiful book. Just friends. Lacey Adams is a tomboy of the highest order. Until life throws her a curveball, and she falls right into the arms of her best friend. But even more dangerous? My roommates. Starting over in a new town is hard, but running from my past left me no choice.

Then I met him… He takes my breath away.

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I know he has the power to destroy me. Now he has to get through the next two months on the road with Dalia and her pin-up curves and smart mouth, then he never has to see her again… right? Kindle Holding On by Rachael Brownell: A young-adult romance that will remind you what it felt like to fall in love for the first time. It is hard enough to be a teenage girl whose best friend is a teenage boy. Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Are these books no longer free? At Darrow Law, money and connections matter, and Kelsey meets the confident, arrogant Tyler Olsen, and the handsome Ryan Perkins, the sons of two billionaires.

Her engagement to Lewis, the son of the Earl of Huntingdon was brazenly canceled and her life spiraled down. All she was left with is her family and writing. Now, she has no option but to try and stand on her own feet again. Will she be able to overcome rejection and find true love again?

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Author: Publisher: Atom. It will also entertain adults and older children, who will really get the silly humour. Unavailable for purchase. But just when I think my damaged past is over, she disappears…. Soon, he is headteacher, town mayor and prime minister of the country - all before his ninth birthday. Chirping Hockey Dads Prank!

A dirty talking, kinky alpha. Abundance of steamy moments. Two damaged souls learning to trust. Kaisaes before her have died or gone mad. What really happened to her beloved mother? And what drove her poor Granny Rube insane? Book 4: Her Greek Partner. Book 3: Her Greek Inheritance. Book 2: Her Greek Protector. Book 1: Her Greek Bodyguard. Get this amazing box set for free now. Get it now! Two second chances. Three little texts. And nine months of OMG! Former child star, Charlie Klein, heads back home to Texas after struggling in Hollywood and runs into the sheriff of their small town — the boy she loved and lost and never stopped loving.

But can this passionate fling become something lasting? And will Sophie give in or stick to her wits?

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Do the terrorists know more than Mick thinks they do? Each of the books stands alone but connects the characters as they heal hurts and find love. Small-town waitress Kymberly Sommers is faced with that very question. Mike Knightson is the perfect guy — gorgeous, charming, knows how to handle a woman — but will it be enough? Find out in this steamy and provocative Shifter Romance. A man afraid of nothing. A plan as old as time.

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Until… A woman falling in love. A man already there. The Koda Alphas are willing to go to any lengths to prove that a walk on the wild side makes for the perfect romance of all. Kindle Eagle Eye Security by Camilla Blake: What starts out as a light security job for Kincaid turns explosive as a young bartender named Mindy becomes the target of both a car bomb and a personalized, at home booby trap. An emotionally gripping romance set in Philadelphia and Kentucky!

When Daniel discovers the truth of his parentage, he abandons Philadelphia for the frontier. But will his search for his true father get in the way of his budding love for beautiful Ann? I thought by running I would be safe. Instead, the monster hunts me. Running from a madman, Darla finds safety in the arms of a retired assassin turned security specialist. Can Troy find redemption in the love of a broken woman?

One isolated rock star. Life at the top is lonely, but so is life at the bottom. Come with them on a whirlwind European tour and find out if they fall in love… or crash and burn. Kindle The Captain of Her Betrayed Heart by Abigail Agar: After what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life turned tragic, Gwyn decides to run away from England and everything she knew and loved.

For four years, she lived in India far away from memories of the man who had broken her heart to pieces.


But then, an urgent letter suddenly arrives and beckons her to return home! Kindle Nothing But Trouble Irresistible Billionaires Book 1 by Ashley Bostock: Billionaire website mogul Michael Vilander creating a fake profile on his dating site to find a date may not have been the brightest thing to do, but desperate times and all. One month to fake it? No problem… right? She says she wants one night with me before she loses her vision. One thing I do know, though? One night is damn sure not going to cut it for me.

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To make matters worse, undercover drug cop Christian Delacroix shows up, sending her lust meter into hyper-drive. The enticing blonde he remembers well seems equally surprised. With her fun, fast-paced job as a soccer journalist, she has no time to settle down. Find out in this hot romance sure to get your heart racing. Frederick meets the alluring Helena who takes his heart away. Love or duty? Will she be strong enough to make a decision that will affect her whole life?

Except the more time they spend together, the hotter the fire between them burns. With every flirtatious smile and brush of his hand, she feels her defenses crumbling. But can she trust him with her heart? Or is she buying herself a front-row ticket to heartbreak? When he meets Natalie, their unlikely friendship sparks into something they never expected, but everything they need. And what will they do when the unthinkable happens and one of them begins to fall for their spouse of convenience? But what if I want to claim her innocence?

What if her love warms my heart? And what if my daughter is falling in love with her too? But just when I think my damaged past is over, she disappears…. I always buy these collections because there are always stories at least that are absolutely the best. He had a lot of respect for me, I must say that. He always trusted my work Bob loved my Black Canary design. She initially appeared as a villain. Dinah is later revealed to have been infiltrating a criminal gang. Black Canary was revived with the other Golden Age characters during the s.

In these stories, it is retroactively established she lives on the parallel world of Earth-2 home of DC's Golden Age versions of its characters. She begins a relationship with JLA colleague Green Arrow and discovers that she has developed an ultrasonic scream, the "canary cry. A story in Justice League of America October and November served to explain the origin of Black Canary's new sonic scream powers, and further, why she continued to appear youthful despite being active since the late s thereby making her nearly 60 years old.

It was established that during the s, she and Larry had a daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, who was cursed by the Wizard with a devastating sonic scream. Her mother hoped that Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt could cure her, but the Thunderbolt was only able to keep the younger Dinah in suspended animation in his own dimension. To ease their pain, the Thunderbolt altered the memories of the tragedy, leaving all to believe Dinah's daughter had simply died. Following the battle with Aquarius, Dinah discovered she was dying from radiation exposure, and she asked to see her daughter's grave one last time.

Shown the body of her daughter—still in suspended animation, but now grown to adulthood—Dinah wished that she could somehow be her successor. The Superman of Earth-1 and the Thunderbolt conceived a solution and transferred Dinah's memories into her daughter's body so that she could continue fighting as the Black Canary. Although its first issue was pencilled, the project was shelved due to the character's use in writer-artist Mike Grell 's high-profile Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters series.

Following the universe-altering events of Crisis on Infinite Earths concluding in March , Black Canary's history was revised again. The mind-transplant story of was discarded; in this version of the story, the present-day Black Canary is Dinah Laurel Lance, who inherits the identity from her mother, Dinah Drake Lance.

Although some references for example, those in James Robinson's Starman series tried to distinguish the two Canaries by calling the first "Diana", recent accounts have confirmed Dinah as the mother's given name. The two Canaries' origin stories were told in full in Secret Origins 50 August In this story, Dinah Drake is trained by her father, detective Richard Drake, intending to follow him on the Gotham City police force. When she is turned down, her disillusioned father dies shortly afterwards.

Determined to honor his memory, Dinah fights crime and corruption by any possible means. She becomes a costumed vigilante, using her inheritance to open a flower shop as her day job. The younger Dinah has her own "canary cry"—in this version, the result of a metagene absent from both her parents—which unlike the Silver Age Black Canary she can control. Regardless, Dinah finds fighters including former JSA member Wildcat who help her hone her skills, and after years of dedication and training, she assumes the mantle of Black Canary despite her mother's opposition.

Like her mother, Dinah operates out of Gotham, with a day job in the family floral business. In an early Birds of Prey issue, writer Chuck Dixon has Dinah briefly married and divorced at a young age. Although ex-husband Craig Windrow seems to need her help, he actually wants to reconcile after he embezzles from the mob. Although she dislikes him at first, they become romantically involved despite their age difference; opposite the earlier depiction, in the Modern Age stories Oliver is considerably older than Dinah. After her mother's death from radiation poisoning received during her battle with Aquarius, Dinah feels that her time in the JLA is over.

When Dinah belonged to the JLI during the s she wore a new costume, a blue-and-black full-body jumpsuit with a bird motif and a slightly looser fit instead of her traditional, skin-tight black outfit with fishnet stockings.

The change was poorly received and short-lived, and later artists restored her original look. When former Batgirl Barbara Gordon is seriously injured by the Joker , she reestablishes her crime-fighting career as Oracle, information broker to the superhero community. After briefly working with the Suicide Squad , she forms a covert-mission team. Since Barbara thinks that of all the superheroes Dinah has the most potential, Oracle asks Black Canary to become an operative.

Black Canary reinvents herself, trading her blonde wig for bleached blonde hair. Her relationship with Oracle is rocky at first, since her impulsiveness clashes with Oracle's organization. Gradually, they learn to work together and became friends. When Oracle flees from Blockbuster Dinah rescues her and meets Barbara Gordon, [28] deepening their friendship.

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In a Week 51 back-up feature of 52 , Black Canary is at the battle which forms the League. In the Black Canary miniseries, she and Green Arrow join the Justice League after its founding and are tested by founding member Batman early in their membership. During publication of the Infinite Crisis limited series, most DC Universe comic books advanced one year. After this " One Year Later " jump, Dinah trades life experiences with Lady Shiva to soften the warrior and begins a harsh training regimen in an unidentified Vietnamese shanty town.

The regimen replicates Shiva's early life and training, and Shiva assumes Dinah's role in Oracle's group. During Countdown , several series include tie-ins and run-ups to the wedding of Dinah and Ollie. A plot thread throughout is a plan by the Injustice League to attack the wedding. After learning that Ollie began his own Justice League with Hal Jordan, she confronts him when he arrives at the Watchtower to warn her of an attack on the world's superheroes. According to Nekron, he can control the heroes including Ollie who have died and been resurrected.

Ollie regains control of his body long enough to miss his wife with a shot which severs a hose containing liquid nitrogen.

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Dinah orders Connor to use the hose on Ollie, freezing him solid, and the three join the rest of the heroes in battle. When Ollie returns to normal, it is discovered that he secretly murdered Prometheus and left his body to rot at his headquarters. Dinah, Hal and Barry search the ruins of Star City for him, finding him looking for one of the men who worked for Prometheus. Ollie overpowers them, leaving Dinah in a restraining fluid. She removes her wedding ring, leaving it with him, and does not attend his trial.

After receiving a call from Oracle , the team including Huntress is reunited. They are confronted by a new villainess, White Canary , who has a grudge against Dinah and exposes her civilian identity. Huntress offers to take Dinah's place instead, reasoning that she has too many people who love her.

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However, this gives Dinah the opportunity to rescue Sin with the help of one of White Canary's students, Terry, and race back to halt the duel between Helena and Shiva. While the duel is understood to be a matter of duty and honor, Dinah brings to their attention that there was no time mentioned and for now the fight must end, and to be resumed at a later time.

Although the Black Canary— Zatanna graphic novel Bloodspell , written by Paul Dini and drawn by Joe Quinones, was scheduled for a release, it was delayed until May Eventually Katana and Poison Ivy join the team. Initially reluctant to join, Batgirl becomes a regular addition to the cast by the fourth issue of the series.

Post- Flashpoint , Dinah Drake was born the child of a teenage single mother, handed into foster care at the age of four. Considered a troublemaker, she moved from foster home to foster home and finally ran away at the age of ten. Taking to the streets of Gotham, she was caught dumpster-diving by Desmond Lamar, an ex-Special Forces agent and martial arts sensei, who took her in and offered her a job to clean his dojo after classes.

In return, he would provide her with food and a safe place to sleep. At her request, Lamar took to teaching her the same skills he provided his students, and she became his regular. When Lamar contracted fatal brain cancer, he left her his dojo. Unfortunately, he was the only one who could keep the local gangs from getting protection money out of them. Dinah's martial arts prowess could only keep them at bay for so long.

Eventually, she began losing students who feared the possibility of their retaliation. Flashbacks show that during Zero Year , Dinah's dojo was destroyed in a fire. It was at this point, John Lynch , impressed by her martial arts prowess in taking down several ninjas during an attack, recruited her into Team 7.

During her tenure with Team 7, Dinah works as a covert ops agent in charge of infiltration. It is during this time that Dinah secretly marries her longtime partner, Kurt Lance. Her powers are subsequently awakened after being tested metagene-positive. The Xander years, vol. The Willow files, vol. How I survived my summer vacation, vol.

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