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tadalena.tk/map3.php I deeply regret that I fell myself into your sordid game, and attempted to do the same to you ; not really my style. I prefer your hostility a thousand times than being incline towards censoring your posts and erring in the direction of messing with your freedom of speech right. I grant that you are an intelligent individual, but many here are as well. And even if they are misguided at some specific points, getting them to recognize it is never going to happen if you just smash them at the first opportunity you have.

But they need time, patience, and understanding to digest and assimilate all the lies and harmfulness that Scn also possesses. I think that many here would really appreciate that. Anyway, I was misguided in attempting any censoring of you. Yes, I wrote the truth. As noted in your reply you could NOT refute what I stated there because it is true. I do see much gnashing of teeth over those two truths I just posted but no refutation as it is irrefutable.

I will endeavorer to post only truth. Those that get upset about that are free to counter with truth or with material that tries to obfuscate. You see? I see no personal attacks here from you in this particular post , and your essence is intact. Now replicate that as much as you can , would you? Thanks in advance. But we can teach them to do better by being interested enough in their well being. My viewpoint on this , anyway. Here are just a few excerpted paragraphs from the book.

The documents demonstrated that the ranks of the massive government and private agencies arrayed against Hubbard and Scientology were swelled by other military and intelligence groups also involved in mind control experiments, including Naval Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence and Army Intelligence. That Ron was twenty years ahead of his time in recognizing what the CIA and psychiatrists were up to was acknowledged by author Walter Bowart in one of the first popular exposures of that activity, Operation Mind Control Dell, Rather than speak of turning the other cheek and dealing with establishment attacks with a healthy insouciance, Hubbard prepared the GO to do what the enemy was doing, but to do it better.

From time to time, I see myself becoming a person that I do not want to be. I am only speaking for myself and no one else here. It would only serve to make the church right and give the CoS a win. Hi John Locke, I have to make this comment. Having cancers does not make me a hypnotized poster. Ron did very well with me as regards that. I know you will hold to your viewpoint and that is your right,but until you have gone through weeks of radiation, you do not truly know how happy I feel just to be able to,post here.

You do not have to agree with me at all,but getting angry with me because I do not understand basic physics is pointless. I flunked math in first grade and every year after my school and college time,so I guess you can call me stupid at least. However I did damn well in writing and all aspects of English lit and critical thinking believe it or not. Hi John Locke,OK you certainly do not have to read my post again. I am talking about the fact where you posted, concerning hypnotized posters on this blog and their understanding of radiation.

Or did I get that wrong too? If so I stand corrected, otherwise if you really do not understand what I am talking about,there is no need to chat about the subject further. Please have a good evening. Ann B. Hi John Locke,I do thank you for explaining your position to me I understand. You can see as a super sensitive things may affect me strongly when the other person posting obviously may not get why my emotion is that way.

I do apologize to you. Oh , and I forgot to include that ONLY in the right amounts , does ionizing radiation can cause real harm to the body. To estimate real biological effects , we must know first how much energy is being deposited per unit of the mass of the body it can potentially affect. Raising an apple 3 feet above the ground is aprox. To have any biological effect , not only the absorbed dosage is considered , but also the intensity of the ionizing in the cells.

Equal exposure to different types of radiation expressed as gray , do not necessarily produce equal effects of the cells. One Gray of one specific ionizing radiation can be more harmful than one Gray of another. One sievert of radiation represent the same effect in the body. Below 50 mSv there is no real risk. We are exposed daily to what is called background radiation which contain many ionizing type of radiations ,and we have evolved just fine with our carbon based bodies.

And THAT is correct science. The conversion to chemical energy — by rearranging molecular bonds in a semi-random fashion — is the main reason ionizing radiation is harmful. But these deranged molecules are not ionizing radiation, nor are they capable of re-emitting the ionizing radiation which created them. One might argue that particle radiations can leave particles in the body, however the key element that makes particle radiation ionizing is high kinetic energy — once slowed down to thermal energy the particles cannot ionize, nor can they be returned to ionizing speeds by chemical reactions.

For a biological analogy, if I stumble and turn my ankle, I may or may not see lasting effects. If enough mechanical energy is imparted, damage is done, otherwise it is harmless. I am afraid that you are right in all the above, dear Daniel ; the radiation IS absorved, not stored. Once absorbed, it is converted to some form of energy used to form new bonds, break bonds, generally altering the chemistry of the body, specially the DNA. And gamma rays, once hit something, it transfer its energy and ceases to exist. So I stand corrected ; they are absorbed not stored.

Heat is the residual energy not used to perform the work so that the system is balanced ; the first law of thermo. LRH wrote that radiation is stored in the body. Radiation is not stored in the body. LRH was wrong on this point. I choose this narrow scope because I believe the necessary facts are well established, I believe I understand those facts, and I believe I can easily cite freely available sources as necessary. I originally engaged the issue because the error is clear, conspicuous, and irritating. I cannot defend the bigger claim that niacin has no benefit in treating radiation injury.

I lack relevant expertise and am unable to cite credible sources on either side. No need to. The one who made the original claim never did the scientific work in order to credibly advance that claim.

Thanks for your answer, Daniel. I am not trying to make a case either in favor or against the program, I only want to gather from other science trained individuals their opinions, guesses, and possible hypothesis about these points. A sufficient intake of water is therefore quite vital when doing the program. I would want to consult my astrologist before signing on to that hypothesis. Ernst Schroedinger is currently spinning in his grave thanks to marildi. Photons have no mass and therefore can leave no physical residue, which means your quote from Clear And Present Danger is useless.

Lesson: do not attempt to interpret quantum mechanics in the presence of someone who learned quantum mechanics from a Nobel winner. Also, the double-slit experiment tells us that photons collapse to particles when measured. The body can act as a measuring device, or like the screen in the double-slit experiment. Useful data, Daniel, so thanks for that.

Note: My example is actually wrong, at least partly. My example injury probably causes some permanent deformation of structures without significant change of their chemical bonds. This is storage of mechanical energy! I think however that my points remain valid: effects are not causes, not even if the effects stop immediately when their causes stop, and some effects can continue even after their causes stop. I assume that you still have room for concepts such as intuition, telepathic messaging over great distances, communication between animals and ourselves, recollection of previous life experiences etc.?

I am neither a scientist, mathematician nor medical practitioner. Yet my profession, Commercial gym owner, viewable elsewhere on this blog permitted me to have a lengthy interaction with my clients, on an objective level. This was done for a set fee for the students. This was in sharp conflict to my own personal convictions and studies covering a wide interest in promoting a healthy lifestyle. The discovery that Ron had totally overlooked the necessity of taking good care of himself physically, was made manifest to me by his own evident lifestyle. Current revelations are turning up more and more, for inspection, for certain.

As far as his work with the mind is concerned, I believe he had made an enormous breakthrough, in providing tools for us to explore our ultimate potential. I agree. Your post to that effect was a very important lesson you learned which you were hoping to help others along in that direction too. Is this going to be a problem, generally? Usually as I recall in the first week of the Rundown one is taking anywhere up to mg, starting off at mg.

In the 2nd week you might then be on mg, again all in relative balance to the other vitamins, and minerals as well. Some complete in the 3rd week with not much more than that amount anyway. Most probably complete in the 3rd week going from to mg and then getting no reaction, and completing. The medical safeguards and checks otherwise should be there and applied, of course, to obviate the exceptions. I think the idea of the story was to examine all the aspects of this and if does stop any excesses or misapplication and provides a warning then all well and good.

That is where the danger of Niacin lies, if it is a danger. This actually opens a door for me. Thank you for your work on this Mike. After a few weeks of this and insisting, I was allowed to get off the Purif to get some dental work done. Course first thing I did was bring a 6 pack of my favorite German beverage home and proceeded to do exactly what ever I felt like because I could. So at around 11pm Jack Kruchko comes home from his post to me on leave at our home. I ask him to set-up a ladder that was so long when extended it went the length of the house it was kept behind.

He then went to take a shower. I remember being up at the top of it and knowing I should not step on the last rung. I was using a pair of 3 foot long branch scissors cutting the lower branches off the foot eucalyptus tree when the ladder begin to turn and flip me off. I landed with my spine on the handicap rail. I could feel my ribs cracking as I managed to move my self down to a flat area when I realized I could not breath. My daughter had a friend over who was using the bathroom and heard me. He told Claire who proceeded to save my life or I would have been one of those stats.

Hooboy, some understatement! Your tolerance, appears to be stretched quite often, via the low blow sniping and bigotry, that invariably shows up on on almost any blog. The ability to just take it all. Calvin, yes, -my man. Thanks for this, and for that demonstrated tenacity of yours as well. The conclusion I have made from reading many of the posts on here and interpreting what Helmut Flasch see his comment is saying is that the overall benefits of the program far outweigh the times when the program has been misapplied or wrongly administered.

The poor lady who went blind and the others who have had problems with the program can and should be avoided and are real tragedies but this from what I can see is a problem with either correct administration of the rundown or as in the cases of people being overrun deliberately on the rundown — ethical administration of the rundown.

Certainly if someone had told me to continue the Purif and I felt it was becoming injurious to my health I would have told them to get lost. My point here is was it the high dosages of Niacin that caused any problems that occurred or was it other factors such as taking vitamins on an empty stomach or other incorrect administration of the rundown? It is also quite obvious that running people on and on with high dosages of Niacin is incorrect and potentially harmful, but that is what is stated in the HCOBs not to do!

Not all people reach the mg dosage anyway and those that do should only be taking it for up to about 1 week if that, of the 3 weeks which should be the length of the program anyway — which is hardly going to cause anyone generally fit which one must be to do the rundown , any problems. So one is looking at probably 4 or 5 days of high dosage Niacin and not necessarily mg either — this is not going to be a problem. Ron Hubbard and based on your experience it is good.

The simple answer is that L. Maybe it is. Maybe this is just an SP trying to destroy scientology and doing everything possible to discredit it. I did set out to make any issue about the Purif. I came across information I thought was important. I hope that in future, if you supervise anyone on the Purif, you will at least be more careful, now being aware of the information here. Mike, I have no problem with you raising the issue of high dosage Niacin. My point was that I said I do not see any problem with dosing people who are supposed to be generally fit and healthy before starting the rundown with up to mg of Niacin for a few days which is what the program will result in doing if done standardly, and I also pointed out that dosing people with high amounts of Niacin over a long period certainly opens the door to potential harmful effects as has been mentioned by others.

I have no quarrrel whatsoever with what you stated. If this story gets people in the Church to revise their thinking on the unnecessary and seemingly malicious overrunning of the Program and the potential harmful effects of the Niacin taken therefore, which seems to have occurred in the Church, then it will indeed have saved someone perhaps from the injurious health issues such may well cause.

As to supervising the Purif which I have done in the past yes the results were tangible but as others say maybe that is because any sort of fitness program brings on tangible results, as does Hubbard mention in the HCOBs so I am not so myopic to simply believe that Scientology alone brought about all of the good effects. Now I have just supervised my own son through the Rundown and got him off heroin and crack cocaine which he had been addicted to, unbeknownst to me for the last 12 years.

I got him fit beforehand, just as the HCOBs state to do. My son is not a Scientologist as such. And he tells me now I have saved his life, his health has vastly improved he could hardly defecate beforehand so that fact alone has probably saved his life , he has gotten a new job and re-established his 2D relationship which had been in tatters beforehand. So perhaps you can see now why I have posted so much on this topic. As I say Mike I have no quarrel with what you wrote, none at all. And I know you were not criticizing the Purif as such.

People leaving the church are less and less. When Hubbard is targetted, or tech, they stay with Miscavige and contine to give money. When people like Lock write on this blog they help Miscavige keeping his yoke on scientologists. Even if not subjectively, objectively he is an OSA troll and should demande payment to them.

He most suppressed Marty when he was giving auditing, now that Marty is a real critic of scientology, it makes Miscavige right who was saying Marty was an SP. Miscavige is safe, IAS recieve money, the bubble remain. And scientology as a subject is also dying. Perhaps he would share the means he used to arrive at his knowledge. Yes Roger, well simple observation : no new people coming out. They value auditing and training, they dislike antiscientology. John Locke viewpoint for exemple serve Miscavige.

Danger for Miscavige is tech delivery outside the church.

Mission Earth Volume 3: Enemy Within trade paperback

Not antiscientology. Instead you give me a reason why John Lock, et al. It gets tiresome after a while listening to people who, having sustained intellectual blunt trauma from decades of Hubbardarian thinking, vainly attempt to logically support their emotions. Mike meticulously advanced a masterful argument and the result was an avalanche of embarrassingly unsound diatribes. NONE whatsoever.

Roger, John Locke. You say there is no evidence of less people leaving the church. You want a stat? You just have to observe. Do you see any written coming out on this blog? The other friends who stayed are still in, all of them. You are unmocking the whole subject of scientology. Are you actually ex scientologists? Or simple anticults? Anticults bring money to Miscavige because the suckers in the church will pay to protect the church from ennemies.

You should ask for your check. I am anti-LRH. FG, I said no such thing. You start your response off with a false statement. I choose not to punish myself by reading any further. God only knows what distortions of logic await in ambush. Heroin is very difficult and I hope he continues to do well. I had problems with taking Niacin at much less than mg of Niacin.

More like — mg. There was no way I could take mg, even for a couple of days because I was bleeding. I did exactly as I was instructed; ate food, yogurt, never had an empty stomach. My CS was to take a lower dose of Niacin for that day and see what happens. I said no because I felt like my guts were coming out. I was freezing cold all the time, shivering and weak.

To this day, I have to be very careful with taking supplements, antibiotics, Advil and various foods because my gastro-intestinal lining seems to be very weak. I have spoken to several other women who had almost the exact same experience, and this was prior to GATII. Sorry to interfere in the comm, dear Pepper, but you should have been taken off the program right away and sent to a competent medical doctor. Some people might have low tolerance for niacin as well as other vits like vit C , for example.

For me mg of C is enough to greatly upset my digestive system. Othes can take up to 5,mg and nothing. LRH does advice in the refs on the program about taking into account individual tolerances. When I was supervising the Program some decades ago, I would immediately send to a competent M. As I commented before, the program ought to be under the care of professional health practitioners.

And full medical check-ups done before the program. The uses of tbe HCOBs on it should end the at the first indicator of any delicate condition showing up. Then standard medicine must take over. Looking at the more recent documentation of the Purif there seems to be lots more medical checks and warnings etc than there was in my day. One hopes that the staff delivering it do not ignore it. Hi again Foolproof, I was inspired by what you said about your son and had seen that you had working experience with the Purif, so I was interested in your thoughts on this.

Thank you for your input and I completely agree. Take care, Pepper. No interference at all and I appreciate the fact that you cared to answer my question. Your response is practical and sound Thank you and take care, Pepper. Nothing is completely good or completely bad with the subject of scientology and Hubbard. There are so many great things in scientology, just to see that Hubbard lied on his military medal is a terribly narrow viewpoint. You are an objective ally of Miscavige. Miscavige is a little fascist look like Goebbels.

Hubbard even with his flaw has done a great work. Auditing given with the intention to help can do a great deal to ease burden of anxiety, sadness. I have seen people ruined by losses, entirely recoverring with auditing. The cult aspect was a wrong direction. Miscavige in power was the end of scientology. If Hubbard is a friend of mankind, Miscavige is definitely an ennemy. Scientolgists will be free when Miscavige will be removed. Disconnection will be canceled, family reunited. And your position make scientologists stay with Miscavige.

Hater of both camp in any war help each other. This is posted for those educated people who later read this thread. This is an example of what prolonged submergence in scientology can do to ones logic circuits. The works are therefore fraudulent and require complete destruction. Fortunately, this includes the cult. Do you do the same with other religions? Do you want the destruction of the Islam? Do you believe in God, Christ, an After Life, something else?

Or is only Science your stable datum? I honestly want the answers to such Qs, not to invalidate your answers to them ; I am just curious about your beliefs. Here you go then, Mike. See my answer to Cindy. Hmm, stating that long exposure to scn dulls ones logic is now unrelenting hate speech and vicious ad-hom? It is nothing more than a perverse philosophy that needs to go extinct as soon as possible. Everyone has a right to believe in what they want, as long as those beliefs do not teach harm toward others, specifically to me.

The definition of 1. It is therefore a pro-survival action on my part to want to see that belief destroyed. Why is it such a surprise to Scientology believers on this thread that I would take a pro-survival action for myself? Ron would not be happy about you not giving me ARC. As for your other question, yes, I think it would be a much better world without Christianity or Islam in it. I am an atheist. No afterlife, no next life, no Whole Track. My stable data are scientific.

Ironically, this process started with a Catholic education. Take that for what you wish. As for his observation that gays are 1. But I can assure you that of the people I know who still have positive things to say about Scientology, nobody has a prejudiced view of gays.

We see them as people of all kinds, like anybody else. The CoS and other fundamentalists may be different — but as you know, they have their own outpoints. TC : First of all, thanks a lot for your answers and honesty about them. What constitute religion in most legal documents around the world, has nothing to do necessarily with reason or logic, but mostly with the rights of others to freely believe in what they want as long as the rights of others are not being violated. Many great legal battles have been fought to protect that right of religion around the world.

TC : The interest of others, and their right of religion is my only real purpose, dear Espiando, and that includes YOU as well ; your right to believe that Scn is harmful for you. I only want to understand you, not to stop you. TC : And you just do it for the fun of it? Why focus in something you will never really change? TC : Somehow I feel that you are portraying yourself as something you are really not.

TC : I was like you when I was an engineering student many decades ago. I hated all religions, specially Christianity. I used to engage in these great scientific debates with true believers, and drive them utterly crazy. I was so good at that. My god was Science. It was everything to me. No spirituality at all, just cuases and effects, equations and material logic.

But I was sad ; so sad and empty most of the time. A place where peace of mind and the serenity of the spirit were the true stable data. I sincerely hope that you can discover those things as well. That the spiritual realm be a balm to you ; a new frontier, a new hope. There comes a time in our life when we need to redefine our beliefs. When we must evaluate what are the real important things in life. I found that inspiration through the miracle of life : a daughter.

My sunshine, my reason to never lose hope and faith. I wish that you can find your own inspiration as well. I know what the culture was like in the early 50s for members of my tribe. However, 1. Hostility toward what? Saying that LGBTs are 1. It sure sounds like concentration camps for anyone below 2.

And the only group of people that both LRH and the Nazis condemned to that fate were homosexuals. You can understand how difficult it might be for me to tell friend from enemy. Hi Espiando, I will be the first to admit as a brain that is so convoluted when it comes to science and math and biology etc,you have all the right to laugh with me if we met outside this blog.

That being said I do agree with you re: Ron and his viewpoint with gays my reason is personal as you may have gathered. One gay lost because of hate or fear of hate is one too many. However I read your posts to others and always take something away from them. Just because you were never in does not mean your viewpoint is not yours to express. Always Ann. My understanding is that someone at the tone level of 1.

The same would be true for other tones. Have you ever seen anybody who was chronically rather than occasionally at anger? I have — they usually find all kinds of things to be angry about. The same kind of thing would be true for antagonism, fear, boredom, grief etc. Or else incomplete. Fair enough, fellow human being? I was just thinking about what you had said early this morning and then read your post. This was always very offensive to me and there were several times where I actually wanted to stand up and throw the book against the wall.

I never did this of course, and instead calmed myself down and looked at it. I also had the same viewpoint as you that Hubbard was a product of his times. Today it is not and I just gave this as an overt example, not as an attack on psychiatry itself. I have wondered if I was making excuses for Hubbard, or rationalizing his beliefs. Personally, I believe that I was, and I do consider his writings on gays to be hate speech. Something that I would really like to know, is that if Hubbard were alive today, would he have taken back what he said and repented? Unfortunately, we will never know. I even think that his emotion is appropriate for the situation.

He has every right to speak up against this type of discrimination, even though yes, it was written over fifty years ago and Hubbard is dead and gone now. You are very correct in what you said in the last paragraph about Scientologists. I have audited someone who was gay in the church and the CS had no problem with it. This person was treated as anyone else. I think it might be a different story there. Also, it is the fundamentalists and the CoS that has an issue with gays. People I know who are Scientologists yet not fundamentalists for the most part do not.

Excellent comment. The problem with this approach, and I know it was how I ratioanlized it when I was in the church, is the fundamental dogma of scientology. Never to be challenged.

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There may be exceptions. It is a question on life history forms that disqualifies you for executive posting. It is a question on numerous sec checks. What is to be found about homophobia in Mission Earth? Can you elaborate , please? Hi John and understood. Past tense. This meant when I was a student on course — at that time. Mental gymnastics.

Allow me to expand on what I said about auditing someone who was gay in the church. This was on Grades and I never considered his sexual orientation to be an issue of significance and neither did the CS at that time. I wrote that to Marilidi based on my exact experience at the time and did say that the CoS and fundamentalists are problematic. I do believe however, that if this person had continued and moved up the processing Grade Chart, he WOULD have had problems with his sexual orientation being an issue.

I also believe that he would have had a hard time to get on the OT levels, get lots of sec checking, and would have been given an FPRD program do to first. Unfortunately, there is a homophobic culture in the CoS. I know a young person right now who is closeted. I feel very badly for him, but the dynamics in his life have a strong influence on him. There are many other inclusive congregations today if someone is looking for a church to join for spiritual fellowship. Back to John: Mission Earth has a trans-gay-whatever-erotic side plot in my opinion.

Someone had something on his mind and a fantasy or two. Pepper, not sure why you are repeating yourself as I understood you the 1st time. See The Eyes of the Beast. A woman discovers a manuscript that parallels, and perhaps controls, her life. Headline, as AdventureLand. The arrival of a traveling circus in town heralds several disappearances. Friends of the missing invade the ghost train ride to find them, and cross over into a magical world of demons, giants, and other monsters. A young boy has visions of violent events, which he can sometimes ameliorate, but then he becomes psychically linked to a serial killer and his own life is at stake.

A popular horror writer has sponsored a getaway to a remote island, about which he has created an elaborate creepy history. An evil presence from a blighted field affects a number of local residents who go on a killing rampage. The film is also known as The Chill Factor. When the single man staffing an isolated research station ceases communication with the outside world, two investigators are sent to find out what happened.

They start cleaning up the mess, seeing to the contingent of monkeys which were the basis of the experiment, before they suddenly realize that the rules have changed, and it might not be the animals who are the subjects of study any longer. A Charmed novel. One of the witch sisters meets a great guy who turns out to have an evil garden. The witchy sisters investigate a series of murders at a Wiccan convention. A witch makes a duplicate of herself to split the work, but that just causes a whole lot of new problems. Rachel Morgan 1. A bounty hunter who is also a witch have adventures in a Cincinnati that is home to hordes of vampires.

Ever After Rachel Morgan 3. Morgan is in danger of forfeiting her soul to a demon for all eternity. Rachel Morgan 4. Rachel Morgan 5. Someone is murdering werewolves. Rachel Morgan 2. A supernatural bounty hunter gets mixed up with secret research and a demon.

Fear trade paperback

Madison Avery 1. A teenager battles the supernatural. Rachel Morgan 6. Demon lore is required to solve a murder. Perfect Blood Harper, Rachel Morgan Eat, Brains, Love Harper, Humorous zombie story. Undead with Beneifts Harper, An ancient goddess menaces the human race, which must be protected by a benevolent vampire.

Vampires threaten to erupt in Savannah. Two rival vampires use voodoo and other powers in their struggles. A seance brings back the spirit of Jack the Ripper. Collected Short Stories of L. Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror. Complete Short Stories of L. Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are horror. Night Fears and Other Supernatural Tales. YA vampire romance. Haunting Violet Out for Blood Walker, Whisper the Dead Bloomsbury, Teenaged witches. A woman has a psychic link to a serial killer and witnesses his crimes through his own eyes.

An Indian spirit organizes wolves and wild dogs into a deadly weapon against the human race. Arm of Mrs. Collection of unrelated stories only a few of which are horror. Beast With Five Fingers, The. See Midnight Tales. Marginal ghost story. A quest to discover the truth about a dead sister leads to supernatural phenomena. Short-Timers, The? War with demons and the ghosts of tanks.

Phantom Blooper, The? Graveyard Shift Tor, Evil vampires. Immortal Remains HarperCollins, A curse. Nearly Departed HarperCollins, Resurrection X Severed, Zombie apocalypse. A well intentioned but confusing novel about a genuine clairvoyant during the days preceding the second World War. A Forever Knight novel. In the time of Shakespeare, a vampire begins to question his way of life after encountering a remarkable woman.

The preying mantis in an elaborate hologram escapes into the real world and menaces a young boy. For younger readers. Captivating the Witch Harlequin, A witch battles demons. Vampire's Fall, The A World of Darkness novel. A widower is menaced by strange shapes that emerge from the waterways.

A young girl's imaginary friend caused the death of her infant brother, so she repudiates him. Years later, a rapist kills her mother and threatens her own life, and her only chance for escape is the possibility of invoking him once more. When a family takes up residence in an ancestral home, they are unprepared for the ghosts who cluster in a nearby deserted mill. The uneasy spirits are filled with hatred because of a past injustice, and following the death of the protagonist's psychic mother, there is no longer anyone with the skill to control them.

Following the accidental death of her daughter, an unhappy and almost suicidal young woman leaves her husband and returns to her hometown. Shortly thereafter, the grave of one of her relatives is desecrated as an amateur sorcerer seeks the assistance of the dead in acquiring powers on earth.

Demon's Wife, The Journalstone, A demon takes a wife. After stealing her brother-in-law's children from their murderous father, a young woman discovers that he has followed them cross country. Meanwhile, the children are disturbed by appearances of a spectral woman. A Poltergeist: The Legacy novel. A secret organization dedicated to fighting the supernatural must intervene when a woman seeks vengeance and is tricked into endangering herself and others.

Indian legends tell of the "little brothers", fierce small creatures which emerge once every few years to kill and devour human beings. A boy who witnessed the slaughter of his own mother discovers that he is a likely candidate to die during the next onslaught, unless he can find some way to protect himself. This is basically just a psychotic killer story with a remote, bog ridden setting, although there are implications of a compulsive supernatural force luring children into the bog where the madman can commit his murders.

A blend of witchcraft and werewolves as yet another New England town is plagued by a brutal, mysterious killer who comes and goes in the night, leaving his victims to be discovered with the coming of dawn. Better than average. Citizens in a small New England town grow increasingly reticent and unfriendly toward newcomers with the advent of mysteriously uncommunicative people roaming the fields. An outsider finds himself unprepared for an encounter with the walking dead. Mountain King, The? A hiker sees his friend carried off by a large, humanoid creature and sets out to find him.

Eventually he will uncover an entire tribe of creatures living secretly in the mountains and preying on the unwary. When her family moves to a new home, Beth is unhappy with the situation, although somewhat mollified by the strange doll she finds there. But then nightmares come, the doll seems to be telling her something, and her parents begin to feel strange supernatural compulsions as well.

A newlywed discovers that her husband is violent and manic when a series of prescient dreams and visions of her dead mother alter her perception of the world. John and his family return to the island where he grew up, and are soon beset by the apparition of a dead woman.

Years earlier, she died blaming him for the problems in her life, and now has returned to avenge herself on his family. An army of ghosts attack the living. Tales from the Cafeteria 1. Ghosts make an appearance at a Thanksgiving feast held in a school cafeteria built on ancient burial grounds. Tales from the Cafeteria 2.

Kids and ghosts team up to prevent a school expansion that will disturb ancient burial ground. Giant, humanoid bat creatures are claiming human victims near a small town, while a nasty FBI agent breaks the laws in order to hush things up. A cult calls up an ancient Egyptian entity, one which transforms a normal man into a powerful engine of destruction, a werewolf variation, but with even more vicious inclinations.

An incredibly repulsive creature from another order of existence intrudes into our world, compelling obedience from those it desires. A modern day Druid and others gather to oppose her power, and find themselves enmeshed in a struggle for their very souls and those of everyone around them. Supernatural danger in New Orleans. Psychological thriller with real demons. The supernatural content in the first in this series is ambiguous at best, limited to the possibly hallucinatory ending, as a group of camp counselors are stalked and killed by an insane woman.

Jason makes his first real appearance, the adult version of a boy supposedly drowned many years earlier, seeking revenge because of the death of his insane mother at the end of her murder spree. From the hack and slash school of movie making. Jason returns from the dead once again, this time to pursue a new group of teenagers as they decide to spend a weekend at the deserted summer camp.

Novelization of yet another reprise of this mindless series about a supernatural and unkillable murderer. An alien hunter is stalking the streets of a city torn by drug wars. One tough cop avoids government agents in his quest to bring the creature's reign of terror to a halt. Lacking the too-loud soundtrack, the book version actually reads quite smoothly. Inferno Elder Signs, Two teenagers take a job at an inn about which strange rumors have circulated since they were children. Now they are introduced to the magic of witchcraft, a power that could help or hurt them.

A sexy, otherwise traditional haunted house story with the new owners finding their lives and even their personalities affected by restless spirits tied to their new home. A haunted house story. Hex Hall Hyperion, School Spirit Hyperion, Spell Bound Hyperion, See also Marc Elliott. When the oldest resident of Yocum Valley dies, no one pays attention when an elderly woman insists that he be buried before the sun sets.

Because they fail to heed her warning, a malevolent spirit leaves the body, infecting the living with lycanthropy. The newly born werewolf is pursued by a young boy trying to make a mark for himself as a newspaper reporter. A curse is carried out by a tree that is able to move its limbs. Occultism and suspended animation. Merriam, , as Mr. Spectre of the Camera, The. A brief, low key ghost story supposedly based on a real event. This is basically a romance novel set in the wilds of Mexico, with a young woman falling under the spell of the magic of a primitive tribe of Indians.

Marginal story about black magic and crime. Vampire romance involving a good vampire who opens a nightclub. Dreaming Awake NAL, Teenage romance with an embodied demon. A teenaged girl has a demon lover. Giant ants menace a pair of children. Kids suspect the cafeteria is serving bugs. Beware the Shopping Mall? A nasty, demonic turkey makes Thanksgiving uncomfortable for a family. Frankenturkey II? A pet shop owner transforms children into animals. A teenager receives a note implying that a magical compulsion has been set upon her.

Plagued by dreams, no longer in control of her own will, she sets out to discover the identity of her tormentor in order to bring the manipulation to a stop. Strange Brew? Two kids suspect that their new teacher is an alien creature who eats children. A family is stranded in a hotel filled with aliens secretly visiting the Earth. Christie already has enough problems adjusting to her adolescence when she begins to suffer as well from strange dreams of horseback riding. Or are they dreams? She soon learns that during the night, she is transported to another world where she is under the power of a sorcerer.

The story's tone shifts too often to sustain itself. Romance involving a psychic. A woman reporter and a cowboy run afoul of a power struggle among the secret race of vampires. Lightly humorous vampire story in which the undead aren't necessarily evil and the interclan rivalry is as dangerous as their preying on the living. A psychiatrist discovers that one of her patients is a werewolf. A psychic child realizes that a miracle worker is evil. End of the Sentence, The Subterranean, A man begins a correspondence with a supernatural entity.

Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy. A minister jokingly invokes a curse that works, eliminating a rival. Shortly thereafter, he notices a sinister fox following him about, and other signs of decay and corruption begin to impinge on his life. Weird Tales of Terror and Detection. Collection of unrelated stories and essays.

A nun is tormented by memories and visions of a monstrous evil involving human sacrifice, and is slowly driven toward an evil fate. A psychic investigator deals with a stubborn ghost. Skull Session? A couple are kidnapped by hill people and forced to participate in a rite that includes the reanimated dead. An ambiguous short piece about an insane man who encounters what appears to be an incarnation of the woman about whom he has been dreaming. Translated from the Persian. An historian's research into the history of a witch trial and execution is terrified when incidents from the past begin to repeat themselves in the present.

A dark force wakened, or a contemporary villain with a psychic link? Reflected Tor, Silver Tor, Tarnished Tor, A business woman discovers that her soul is forfeit to the devil in return for the granting of several wishes for good lucks, success, and personal power. Vampire Memories 1. A vampire newly relocated to the West Coast begins to suspect that another group with psychic abilities is plotting to wipe out all of her new friends.

Vampire Memories 4. Vampire Memories 2. A vampire who hates killing discovers a way to spare her victims. Vampire Memories 3. A female vampire tries to convince one of her kind not to kill when drinking human blood. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer book. A multi-path gamebook. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel. The Master returns to Sunnydale through a loop in time. A woman with a form of clairvoyance is stalked by an evil force. See also collaboration which follows. Also writes Fantasy. A Night Stalker novel.

Kolchak tracks down a mystic cult in South America. Occult Detectives of C. Collection of sometimes related stories. Collection of related short stories, only one of which is by Lovecraft. After a near death experience, a woman discovers psychic powers which help her solve a chilling mystery. An ancient vampire cult surfaces in the Soviet Union, and a series of bizarre killings leads to an unlikely alliance between Russian and American adventurers intent upon suppressing the rising evil before it spreads beyond the borders of that nation. Alice Ace, A woman on the run is pursued by an inhuman force.

A woman fights vampires. Black Spring Ace, Supernatural beings find themselves discriminated against. Chapbook adventure tie in to the Dead Lands role playing game. Deadly Friend. See Friend. Bantam, , as Deadly Friend.


A scientific genius is devastated when his new love is killed, but instead of mourning for her, he discovers a way to bring her back to life. The problem is, she's not quite the same girl she was before, and he certainly cannot allow anyone else to see her. A sometimes scary variation on the Frankenstein story, filmed as Deadly Friend. A mysterious stranger comes to the small town of New Morning, but only one resident realizes that he is not just another man but the Devil himself.

Unless someone finds a way to expel him from their midst, the souls of everyone in town may be in jeopardy. Following the tragic lost of two of her children, the heroine becomes desperate when it appears that something is wrong with her remaining son. She starts to wonder if he is just pretending that a bodiless voice is dictating his actions, or whether the strain of loss has unhinged her mind. And then she sees that other version of her son in the mirror.

This is a vampire novel involving warring factions among the undead with San Francisco as their battlefield. Cults of vampires living in San Francisco during the days of the Gold Rush indulge their rivalries in internecine warfare. A patriotic vampire working as a secret agent for the US Army during World War II has to deal with conflicting loyalties when she falls in love with a Japanese mortal. A haunted castle. Creed is a celebrity photographer who gets into trouble when he takes pictures of a strange man performing an obscene act on a fresh grave.

He has inadvertently stumbled across a secret society with the power to overcome death. An evil, perhaps unstoppable force out of ancient times is loose upon the world. People begin to exhibit homicidal tendencies, murders and mutilations are committed, and an army of subhuman soldiers gathers in the sewers. Deadly Eyes, The. See The Rats. An earthquake releases billowing clouds of fog, and contained within it is a mysterious gas which turns everyone who breathes it into a ruthless, brutal killer.

As the affected area spreads, a group of researchers race against time to solve the problem before all of civilization is torn apart. The remote village of Sleath is plagued by a rash of ghost sightings, which seem to be accelerating toward a terrible conclusion. The resolution involves a secret satanic cult that has existed in Sleath for generations. A fairly traditional story of a psychic detective hired to investigate a supposedly haunted house. He begins to experience visits from an ethereal woman to whom he is powerfully attracted, possibly endangering his very soul.

Filmed under the same title. A policeman who has dedicated his life to the combating of evil is simultaneously plagued with a curse that brings death and destruction to everything he touches. Now he is falling in love and must confront whatever it is within himself, or without, that had dogged his footsteps with tragedy piled upon tragedy.

Having been frustrated in its first forays against the human race, a gigantic mutated rat breeds its army in secret, then launches them on a new campaign to destroy the hated creatures that live on the surface. A variation of the haunted house story, with a rustic cottage placed near a mysterious forest, two rival magicians striving against one another, and onlookers unaware of the battle going on within their community. On a remote island, a quiet man discovers that he is psychically linked to a fiend who murders and mutilates for the sheer joy of it.

Then the monster discovers the tenuous link, and follows it back to the island, determined to take the life of his unseen observer. I guess every horror writer has to use this theme at least once, and Herbert does a credible job with it. Omnibus of the four novels. Nobody True Pan, , Tor, A murdered man survives the death of his body and tracks down his killer. A man visiting an ancient castle discovers that fairy tales mask a sinister reality including witches and other creatures of legend. A detective investigating a kidnapped infant discovers a secret cult in a home for the elderly.

Natural disasters are destroying civilization while two telepathic children are menaced by a voodoo priestess and her followers. Only peripherally horror, this is actually a mystical SF novel, and not a very good one. Signet, , as The Deadly Eyes. Rats begin attacking people in broad daylight, organized bands that seem to have an almost intelligent cunning. The attempts to combat the menace ultimately bring a group of people into contact with an oversized, mutant rat, whose greater intelligence has allowed her to dominate and direct the activities of her fellows.

The ghosts of refugee children haunt a house. Concealed in a remote part of England is a Sumerian demon whose presence imbues its worshippers with supernatural powers. Human assassins mix with mystic forces as the world of high finance interfaces with ancient horror. Everyone she touches is cured of whatever ailment afflicts them. Everything seems to indicate that she is a powerful force for good, but then subtle things start to indicate otherwise.

A terrible air crash leaves only a single person alive. But the town he lives in is plagued by visions and events that seem to have been sent directly from Hell. The survivor struggles to understand what is happening, and learns something about himself that he would probably rather not have known. When a woman realizes she has been reincarnated, she enlists a medium in her quest to discover the secrets of her own past.

But that union also brings the knowledge that one of the two men in her life is utterly evil. The problem is, she doesn't know which one is which. Pseudonym of Hesketh Pritchard and Kate Pritchard. Flaxman Low: Occult Psychologist Benediction, Collection of stories about an occult investigator. A reporter stumbles into a struggle between good and evil demons. A psychic battles a killer. A well written novel about life, love, and the nature of sin set on a college campus in the 's, with drugs, sex, and rock music.

Included here only because of an ambiguous presence hinted to be the Devil himself. More low key chills and erotic thrills involving vampires. Although his lust for blood has been dormant for a long time, a charming vampire begins to feel the old urges and his human lover has mixed feelings about it. First in a series of vampire romance novels. Here a beautiful young woman first encounters the mysterious man of her dreams. A brilliant musician finds true romance in the arms of a charismatic but mysterious young man, who is actually a vampire.

Blends traditional romance with the supernatural. Occasional psychic powers show up in this story of a young woman trying to uncover a long hidden mystery. Romance with a touch of suspense. A psychotic killer has been kept comatose for years, the object of intense scientific scrutiny. But Patrick is conscious in at least one sense, and has developed psychokinetic powers. When he falls in love with a nurse, he's ready to use those powers to further his interests. Hex Tor, A town is cursed by a dead witch who appears every day and walks the streets.

Minor ghost story about a boy who falls from a tree and dies. A ghost story with witchcraft. Marginal story about two men who use occult forces to transfer some personality traits from one to the other. A novel of the occult, possession by the dead, and the corruption of the soul. Unwept Tor, A young woman with amnesia discovers she is being watched by a cult. Hordes of ghosts manifest themselves in a single community. Martin's, A man who seems just too nice and gentle to be true has a dark secret, concealed even from his own conscious mind.

For he has a doppelganger, a physical manifestation of his urges toward sex and violence, who acts without any consideration of normal codes of behavior, and without fear of retribution. Druid magic abounds in this story, billed as a "fairy tale of terror". Earth spirits require appeasement, and they begin striking at people through their most favorite possessions. Only by performing a specific ritual can the wrath be prevented from destroying the entire community. On Halloween, a group of children set out to upset things by performing a series of pranks.

  • Fear trade paperback!
  • The Black Lung Captain: Tales of the Ketty Jay.
  • REAL ESTATE IS REAL (Tying The Real Estate Knot Book 1);

But a peculiar and unsettling storm is nearing town, and as it gets closer, the violence and danger of their actions grows until people begin to die. And still they go from one plot to another, caught up in a tidal wave of terror. Dead, The Hyperion, Teens vs adult zombies. A group of teenagers struggle amidst what is essentially a zombie plague. Fallen, The Hyperion, Fear, The Hyperion, Hunted, The Hyperion,? Kismet Knight 2.

Vampire Shrink, The Medallion, Kismet Knight 1. Story of a vampire psychologist. A Ghost Squad novel. Part of a series of young adult novels in which a group of young ghostly children team up to oppose a nasty spirit. The ghostly crew must conjure up an elemental to stop a living crook. An aging rock star is troubled by a malevolent ghost. Does this exist? A man grows a set of horns and sets out for a supernatural encounter. A young woman battles a creature who haunts dreams and reality. Strange Weather Morrow, Vampire erotica. Bound by the Vampire Queen Heat, Vampire Instinct Heat, Erotica and vampires.

A writer is conducting research into the life of a mysterious man whose past is tainted with a tragic death. He sees a ghost at various times during his investigation. A traditional ghost story in which a young man sees and hears various manifestations of the ghost of a former tenant, one of which anticipates an accident affecting his own family. Battle Lines HarperCollins, Darkest Night HarperCollins, Rising, The HarperCollins, Zero Hour HarperCollins, The new owners of a building discover that there are some nasty resident ghosts that hamper their efforts to solve a murder.

Burks was an American writer and a Marine colonel. After being stationed in the Dominican Republic and inspired by the native voodoo rituals he heard about from Haitian prisoners in a military jail, Burks began to write stories of the supernatural that he sold to the magazine Weird Tales in In late he began writing full-time, he became one of the "million-word-a-year" men in the pulp magazines by virtue of his tremendous output. He wrote in the neighborhood of stories for the pulps, he was well known for being able to take any household object that someone would suggest to him on a dare, generate a plot based around it.

His byline was commonplace on pulp covers, he wrote in the genres of aviation, adventure and weird menace. Two genres he was not to be found in were love and westerns. He wrote several series for the pulps, including the Kid Friel boxing stories in Gangster Stories , the Dorus Noel undercover-detective stories for All Detective Magazine , set in Manhattan's Chinatown ; the pressure of producing so much fiction caused him to ease off in the lates.

He returned to active duty as the U. Burks moved to Paradise in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in , where he continued to write until his death in Throughout the s, he wrote many works on the paranormal. In his years, he lectured on paranormal activities and gave readings.

Locke, John. Pulp Fictioneers: Adventures in the Storytelling Business. Adventure House. ISBN Off-Trail Publications. Locke, John; the Thing's Incredible! The Secret Origins of Weird Tales. Renda, Mary. University of North Carolina Press. Ruber, Peter. Arkham's Masters of Horror. Tuck, Donald H..

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Chicago : Advent. Works by Arthur J. Burks at LibriVox Arthur J. Burks at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database. Death's Deputy Death's Deputy is a fantasy novel by author L. The novel appeared in the February issue of the magazine Unknown. An air force pilot is unnaturally accident-prone and cannot be killed. Fear Hubbard novella Fear is a psychological thriller-horror novella by American writer L. While previous editions followed the magazine text, the Bridge edition restores the author's original manuscript text; the novella is ranked 10th on Modern Library Best Novels - The Reader's List.

University professor James Lowry is a disbeliever in spirits or witches, or demons, so much so that he publishes an article in a newspaper denying the existence of them, he is warned of the possible repercussions by his friend Tommy Williams. That same afternoon his hat disappears. Lowry discovers that four hours of his life have gone missing.

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Lowry is pursued by an omnipotent evil force, turning his whole world against him while it whispers a warning from the shadows: " If you find your four hours you will die Lowry goes about his day-to-day life, but begins seeing demons and odd things around him. He wakes up in the middle of the night to shadows that are leading him out of his bedroom and out into his garden which has transformed into a vast creepy slope.

At this point, he is led down a long winding staircase in the middle of his lawn that seems to disappear, he goes out looking for his hat. He both finds the hat and realizes what he has done in the four hours in a final twist of the book, where the reader comes to realize that he had a psychotic break early on and most of the plot never happened; the truth is, Lowry has murdered his friend Tommy. Groff Conklin , reviewing the novella's first book publication, praised it as "a unexpected masterpiece of horror". Anthony Boucher and J.

Francis McComas described it as a "nearly perfect psychological terror novel, by far the best writing we've seen from Hubbard"; the New York Times reviewer Villiers Gerson cited the novella's "horrible and eerie denouement ".

Algis Budrys wrote that the novella "exercised an uncommon power over the minds of its readers. Everett F. Bleiler found "Fear" to be "a superior psychological mystery in sensational terms. United States The United States of America known as the United States or America, is a country composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, various possessions. With a population of over million people, the U. The capital is Washington, D. Forty-eight states and the capital's federal district are contiguous in North America between Canada and Mexico ; the State of Alaska is in the northwest corner of North America, bordered by Canada to the east and across the Bering Strait from Russia to the west.

The diverse geography and wildlife of the United States make it one of the world's 17 megadiverse countries. Paleo-Indians migrated from Siberia to the North American mainland at least 12, years ago. European colonization began in the 16th century; the United States emerged from the thirteen British colonies established along the East Coast.

Numerous disputes between Great Britain and the colonies following the French and Indian War led to the American Revolution , which began in , the subsequent Declaration of Independence in ; the war ended in with the United States becoming the first country to gain independence from a European power.

The current constitution was adopted in , with the first ten amendments, collectively named the Bill of Rights , being ratified in to guarantee many fundamental civil liberties; the United States embarked on a vigorous expansion across North America throughout the 19th century, acquiring new territories, displacing Native American tribes, admitting new states until it spanned the continent by During the second half of the 19th century, the Civil War led to the abolition of slavery.

By the end of the century, the United States had extended into the Pacific Ocean, its economy, driven in large part by the Industrial Revolution , began to soar. The Spanish—American War and World War I confirmed the country's status as a global military power; the United States emerged from World War II as a global superpower , the first country to develop nuclear weapons, the only country to use them in warfare, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

Sweeping civil rights legislation, notably the Civil Rights Act of , the Voting Rights Act of and the Fair Housing Act of , outlawed discrimination based on race or color. Moon landing; the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union in left the United States as the world's sole superpower.

The United States is the world's oldest surviving federation, it is a representative democracy. The United States is the world's largest importer and the second largest exporter of goods, by value. Although its population is only 4. Despite wide income and wealth disparities, the United States continues to rank high in measures of socioeconomic performance, including average wage, human development, per capita GDP, worker productivity.

The United States is the foremost military power in the world, making up a third of global military spending, is a leading political and scientific force internationally. Joseph Reed. Moylan expressed his wish to go "with full and ample powers from the United States of America to Spain " to seek assistance in the revolutionary war effort; the first known publication of the phrase "United States of America" was in an anonymous essay in The Virginia Gazette newspaper in Williamsburg, Virginia , on April 6, The second draft of the Articles of Confederation , prepared by John Dickinson and completed by June 17, , at the latest, declared "The name of this Confederation shall be the'United States of America'".

The final version of the Articles sent to the states for ratification in late contains the sentence "The Stile of this Confederacy shall be'The United States of America'". Forrest J Ackerman Forrest James Ackerman was an American magazine editor, science fiction writer and literary agent, a founder of science fiction fandom, a leading expert on science fiction and fantasy films, acknowledged as the world's most avid collector of genre books and movie memorabilia. He was based in California. During his career as a literary agent, Ackerman represented such science fiction authors as Ray Bradbury , Isaac Asimov , A.

Van Vogt , Curt Siodmak , L.